Twitter Hires Google Exec to Lead Entertainment Ad Sales

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Jennifer Price, Google’s former head of media and entertainment sales, is now its new head of entertainment sales at Twitter.

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How to build your own soundproof “Sound Blimp” SLR case for under $100




If you're shooting in a very quiet environment, or trying to be as surreptitious as possible for a candid shot, the click of an SLR shutter can be as loud as a gunshot. So what do you do? You can use a quiet mode if your camera has one, but those don't always make much of a difference, or you can spend a fortune on a muffling rig. Or, with a bit of know-how, you can build your own.

Photographer Dan Tabar was faced with just that dilemma as he tried to shoot on sets and sound stages without disrupting people at work. So he set…

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Water – A Precious Resource and a Source of Ridicule

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Water makes up a good part of our bodies, we crave it after exercise. We use it to clean our dishes, our bodies, our floors, our clothes. It’s scarce in many places. In some places I bet it could be used as a currency of it isn’t already. Some people don’t have enough and die because of lack of water and yet, here in our modern first world. Water the very precious resource that is important for so many things, can also be a source of ridicule. It can indicate that you’re clumsy, messy, uncool and just not all put together. What am I talking about? Just get nice and dressed up for a special occasion, or even just everyday work if you work in business and wear a suit, then spill a little water on yourself. See what happens? People talk, people whisper, people say rude things. Even worse spill…

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